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Really enjoyed the informative conversation we had this afternoon.  I just had one last question that I forgot to ask, which I'm hoping you can refer over to the biologists.
How does the MNR define 'species'?

So, what characteristics would the MNR need to find to characterize the white moose strain from Foleyet as a new species?

Also along those same lines, what is the difference between a 'black duck' and a 'mallard' ? Is a black duck considered a different species, or merely a sub-species? I'm just asking because the government has different guidelines regarding harvesting limits for these two types of ducks, yet they appear to be exactly the same with the difference being the darkness / color ...  They can interbreed successfully ...  I'm just trying to figure out why the government makes a distinction between the two types of ducks, and turn the idea to the white moose strain of Foleyet.
Also, I forgot to ask what options were on the table for protection measures...  I.e.  Protection from hunting?  Live capture? Better yet, what options are not on the table at this point? 

Thanks again and do hope we can get the Nemegosenda fish hatchery up and running by May, but it's hold up is MNR approval....  I'm just thinking that if it is a "FLY IN" remote tourism lake, and its recieving unregulated fishing pressure in the winter months, it maybe a good idea to suppliment the fish stocks... By unregulated I mean that there are no controls regarding the number of fish taken out (TEXT OMMITTED) ....Furthermore, I think we both understand that not all anglers feel the need to abide by MNR imposed limits, largely due to the lack of enforcement officers. 

Joel Theriault
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Joel I would like to follow through with the letter received form the Minister and have a conversation regarding several items you have tabled that include:


Ø       Forest Harvesting and Tourism Operations

Ø       Fish Hatchery Proposal

Ø       White Moose


 Could you share a phone number with me so that I may contact you next week or you could call 705-864-3122. I have tried the 411 service on the internet and have not been able to locate a number for you. I will be away from the office for two days of next week but will be checking my phone messages. If I have a number for you I will call you. I hope to answer some of your questions directly and wish to arrange for meeting personally with you when you return to the north.


 Have a good day


 Bob J.