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  White Moose - A Canadian Tradition




By way of signing this petition, you are indicating that it is your desire to have moose, which are white, removed from the hunting roster in Ontario. y wa y


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A couple shots I took July 2005 ... about 3 miles to the East of Oswald lake .... Oswald is about 10 miles to the North East of my home.    
      Lots of wasted wood .... Why would we allow the wood to be destroyed and allow it to rot if there is an apparent lack of merchantable timber?
These trees were all killed with the application of herbicide. The bears and moose really like the newgrowth on the ground, below the dead birch trees. If you believe that the nutritional value of food is affected by the soil it grows in, would spraying the garden with these herbicides be wise?  
  See the line of green to grey ... that's where the chopper stopped spraying the chemicals ... And yes, the chemicals were all sprayed onto crown lands ... PUBLIC FORESTS ....  
See the dead spray lines ?      


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