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The goal: To anticipate and prevent environmental degradation
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E-Mails regarding forestry techniques, stumpage rates, & herbicides sprayed in Northern Ontario's boreal forest ...

The safety of herbicides?
Bob Wagner

How to kill pests without killing yourself or the earth
Stephen L. Tvedten

Herbicide Questions???
- Tembec Inc. / Rick Groves, RPF

Testing Facility for Contaminated Bear Meat?
- Guelph University Labs

- Maxim Labs

- Chapleau Biology Department
- The Story of a Contaminated Bear?
- Mike Irvine: Vegatation Specialist
- Martyn Obbard : Research Scientist

The official Tembec information Package regarding Herbicides
- Jeff Leach

Sierra Club - Thoughts on Herbicides
- Katie Albright

Natural Resources Canada on Herbicides
- Dean Thompson

Inuit Tapiriit Kanatami
- A letter to Jose A. Kusugak

Stumpage Rates / Forestry Proposal Debate
- Madawaska Forestry Company

Human Resources & The Press
- A quick synopsis of the problem and why we should consider the alternatives.

MNR Stumpage Rates
- Bill Thornton

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